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Nogasin capsules contain a natural alpha-galactosidase enzyme. Studies have shown that alpha-galactosidase alleviates flatulence and other common digestive problems.1,2 The studies have shown that after taking alpha-galactosidase, people suffer from considerably fewer stomach problems than after taking placebo. With Nogasin, you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet without unpleasant digestive problems.

Nogasin will hydrolyse undigested food in the small intestine. As the food is hydrolysed into an absorbable form in the small intestine, the intestinal gas and digestive problems caused by fermentation by colonic bacteria can be avoided. Nogasin acts proactively before the onset of unpleasant symptoms, which is why it should be taken before meals.

The alpha-galactosidase contained in the Nogasin capsules is a natural enzyme produced by the Aspergillus niger mushroom. Nogasin is manufactured in Finland. It contains no sugar, milk, calories, yeast or gluten. The Nogasin dietary supplement is available at pharmacies.

What are digestive problems?

Many Finns suffer from various digestive problems, which can represent a daily nuisance. According to the annual Health Behaviour and Health Among the Finnish Adult Population report, one in four Finns suffers from digestive problems.3 The most common digestive problems include a bloated stomach, flatulence, abdominal pain and unstable bowel movements. The symptoms are mainly caused by so-called functional and entirely harmless stomach problems. Despite their benign nature, the symptoms are often both painful and embarrassing. Stomach bloating, knotting and pinching is also known to significantly reduce the quality of life.

Stomach problems are caused by many underlying factors. Irregular eating patterns, gulping, not getting enough exercise and a busy lifestyle are likely to exacerbate stomach symptoms.  A diet that is high in fat and low in fibre, carbonated beverages and artificial sweeteners may also be the culprits behind digestive problems.  Your stomach will thank you for a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle as well as exercise and a sufficient intake of fibre and liquids.

Some foods that cause flatulence and bloating

Beans etc.VegetablesCrop
beans onions, garlic wholegrain
green peas peppers wheat, barley, oat
lentils salad, cucumber bread
soya products cabbages cereal, muesli
seeds mushrooms pasta, pizza
nuts corn bran
grapes parsley rice
rasins potatoes beer
carrots and other root vegetables