The use of Nogasin

Since the alpha-galactosidase enzyme contained in Nogasin capsules prevents stomach problems, they should be taken before meals. The recommended dose is 1 to 3 capsules per meal. The required dose depends on the size of the meal and its content and on the individual's tendency to have stomach problems. The best way to determine a suitable dose for you is to try different doses.

Nogasin capsules will be taken with liquid before meals. The capsules may also be opened and their content may be mixed with food or drink.

Nogasin is suitable for daily and long-tem use. The capsules are convenient when visiting restaurants, friends, on flights and at the theatre. Nogasin is stored at room temperature. It is handy and easy to keep with you on regular days and on special occasions.



One to three capsules before meals. The capsule may also be opened and its content may be mixed with food or drink.

Store at room temperature. Shelf-life: three years. Dietary supplement.

Nogasin is free of calories, lactose, gluten, sugar or yeast.

Packaging sizes: 10, 30 and 100 capsules.

Manufactured in Finland.